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Mihara City is a former castle town in the prefecture of Hiroshima. The population is nearly 83,000.
Driving into Mihara, one sees traditional Japanese style country homes sitting amidst the rice paddies.
A picturesque city, Mihara is located in the Chugoku Mountains.  Atop Mt. Fudekage, one has a splendid view of the Seto Inland Sea.  When we arrived in late November, the fall foliage was at its peak.  Japanese Maples, mixed in among the many Cedars, provided a colorful palette.  The scenic Nuta River also flows through Mihara.
Mihara is a developing center of industry and commerce.  It is a port city known for its octopus fishing and production of sake. The pots used for octopus fishing were seen lining the port walls.
Mihara hosts the Yassa Matsuri Festival for three days during the second week of August.  The streets are filled with nearly 400,000 guests doing the Yassa dance and enjoying the cuisines of the Hiroshima region.
The Buttsu-ji is a Zen Buddhist retreat temple.  It is a popular tourist site located near Mihara.   There are lovely temple buildings in this tranquil setting.  One will see many styles of carved Buddha statues.  There are also Bosatsu statues that represent deities who have reached enlightenment.  They are believed to save mankind from suffering.

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